Flamed Amber
A smooth caramel-spice bouquet, full-bodied with sweet honey and a hint of tobacco. Its lingering finish will bring you back for more.


Sunset Amber
A sophisticated flavor with excellent bouquet, solid throughout with honey, caramel, vanilla and a hint of orange. Silky smooth, drawing together to a remarkably warm finish.



Smooth and Uplifting
Also know as jenever, Galway Spirits Gin is smooth with a refreshing blast of juniper, quickly flowing into citrus and a lingering sweet lavender. The finish is long lasting like a hot summers day. Wonderfully versatile in your favorite cocktail paired with a slice of cucumber.


Crystal Clear
A smooth essence of grape, subtle without being fruity. Versatile yet compelling on its own, easily enjoyed over ice.


Dragonfruit Flavored Vodka

Sweet and Sultry
The pleasant aroma of dragonfruit draws you in and its exotic flavor invites the feeling of a misty tropical forest. It’s been said if you eat Passionfruit, you’ll fall in love with the next person you set eyes on. This vodka is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.


Blood Orange Flavored Vodka

True Citrus Flavor
The perfect fiancée vodka. Enjoy the hint of raspberry and pair with chocolate — you’ll feel the Sicilian breeze with each sip.

Coffee Flavored Vodka

Rich Coco Brown
An authentic flavor teeming with savory toffee, caramel and creamy smooth chocolate. This exceptional vodka is excellent by itself on the rocks.

Mango Flavored Vodka

Light and Refreshing
Sweet fruit flavor that commands your attention. The gift of mangoes is considered a gesture of friendship, so share this vodka over ice with friends.