The Mash Club


The Mash Club

55.00 every 12 months

($45 annual membership fee, initial membership year)

Membership includes:

  • Galway Spirits Gift Pack – 1 bottle of Rye Whiskey

  • 2 Shirts with Galway Spirits logo and embroidered club logo

  • Set of 4 Shot Glasses with Galway Spirits logo

  • 2 FREE Tastings per month

  • Special Event Invitations (tastings, etc.)

  • Distiller’s Choice – quarterly shipments, 1 bottle of Flavored Vodka, Vodka or Bourbon, $55 per shipment (four shipments per year)

  • Galway World Newsletters, mailed to your home, three per year Quarterly pick-up parties at the distillery


  • 10% off Purchases of Galway Spirits

  • 10% off Merchandise from Galway Spirits, online or in-store

  • 10% off Concert Merchandise & Events hosted by Galway Downs 10% off Food & Liquor purchases at Galway Downs concerts

  • 5% off accommodations offered by Galway World

  • 5% off Galway Spirits Distillers Workshop Experience

NOTE: Upon picked up at Galway Spirits by May 1st. , someone of the age of 21 or older will need to sign for the membership and show proof of age.

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