It all started when…

An entrepreneur, an engineer and a vision came together. 

It was in 2010 when Ken Smith walked his newly acquired property, Galway Downs, where an intense feeling came over him. Something spoke to him and brought to light the vision of a distillery. And so, Galway Spirits was born.

Falling under the umbrella of The Soul of Galway, Galway Spirits carries out a standing tradition of unyielding bonds, family, nature, life and truth.

Distillery team

Passionate, spirited and committed the Galway Spirits team is ready to serve you. With a combined 80 years of experience you can bet you'll have a legendary time when visiting the Galway Spirits distillery.

Galway Spirits Distillery Team


After 25 years in the flavors industry, Dale decided to jump into distilling and moved to Temecula with his wife, Jackie. "Why not?", he thought, he was already running a company still. Motivated by his great great grandfathers pioneering spirit and multiple still patents, Dale decided to follow his family history and leveraged his engineering degree to create craft Spirits that make your soul sing. Come try them out!


Jackie comes from a family of bootleggers. It was in the prohibition era when her grandfather, a dairy farmer, would send out alcohol bottles along side his milk deliveries. Little did she know that after her 30 years in the service industry she would continue the family legacy along side her husband Dale. Come and ask her about her family's history while sipping on one of her favorite flavored vodkas.


Tennessee, born and raised, Brian knows a thing or two about spirits, his family whiskey recipes run deep. Over the past 25 years he has leveraged his experience and lessons being a sailor on the USS Haddo has given him to create a successful sales and marketing business. He is revisiting his roots with this new venture, Galway Spirits. On the weekends you can catch him outdoors enjoying the simple things in life with his family… while sipping on some Spirits, of course.



A place where liquor is manufactured.

A craft distillery is a small scale distillery producing single batches of high quality alcohol. 

The process of distilling spirits has been around for centuries. When making whiskey, it starts with mixing grains in a water mash then applying heat to convert the starch in the grain to sugar. The grain is separated from liquid and yeast is added to convert the sugar to alcohol in fermentation. Once the fermentation process is complete the liquid is loaded into the still and thru the process of fractional distillation the alcohol is separated from the water resulting in a high proof alcohol - spirits.

Our craft spirits are distilled in a pot still which allows us to remove certain unwanted compounds that are not removed from large production commercial distilleries. Hence, the resulting alcohol is more pure. We are constantly striving to improve the process by thinking outside the box.

Whiskey Distilling Process


What makes our Vodka different?

Gluten Free

Say whaaaat? Yep, our vodkas are 100% gluten free.

GLuten Free Icon.png

Grape Spirits

All our vodkas are made from 100% grape spirits giving them an amazing taste.

Grape Spirits Icon.png

Our Spirits are Pure

You read right! Most vodkas have toxic byproducts, NOT OURS. So drink up!

Drink Up Icon.png
We pay close attention to the process and are more concerned with the quality of the product not the volume produced.

Want to rent the joint?


“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good scotch whiskey is barely enough.”
— Mark Twain